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2015: Selve, Sören: Probenträger und Verfahren zum Bearbeiten einer Probe

WO2015/155347 A1

2017: Selve, Sören: Sample Carrier and Method for Processing a Sample

US 2017/0097291 A1

2011 - 2020

  • Gerhard Franz, Oleksii Vyshnevskyi, Michail Taran, Vladimir Khomenko, Michael Wiedenbeck, Ferry Schiperski and Jörg Nissen
    A new emerald occurrence from Kruta Balka, Western Peri-Azovian region, Ukraine: Implications for understanding the crystal chemistry of emerald
    American Mineralogist, Volume 105, pages 162–181, 2020
  • Renè Sachse, Denis Bernsmeier, Roman Schmack, Ines Häusler, Andreas Hertwig, Katrin Kraffert, Jörg Nissen and Ralph Kraehnert 
    Colloidal bimetallic platinum–ruthenium nanoparticles in ordered mesoporous carbon films as highly active electrocatalysts for the hydrogen evolution reaction
    Royal Society of Chemistry, Catalysis Science & Technology, 2020
  • Valerie Stock, Christoph Fahrenson, Andreas Thuenemann, Merve Hilal Dönmez, Holger Sieg
    Impact of artificial digestion on the sizes and shapes of microplastic particles
    Food and Chemical ToxicologyVolume 135January 2020Article 111010
  • Kühl. S.; Gycyla, M.; Heyen, H.; Selve, S.; Heggen M.; Dunin-Borkowski, R.E.; Strasser, P.Concave curvature facets Benefit Oxygen electroreduction catalysis on octahedrally shaped PtNi nanocatalysts
    Journal of Materials Chemistry A. (2019) Vol. 7, S. 1149-1159
  • S. Raman; C. Keil; P. Dieringer; Ch. Hübner; A. Bueno; P. Gurikov; J. Nissen; M. Holtkamp; U. Karst; H. Haase; I. Smirnova
    Alginate aerogels carrying calcium, zinc and silver cations for wound care: Fabrication and metal detection
    ELSEVIER, The Journal of Supercritical Fluids, Volume 153, November 2019, 10454
  • D. Berger, J. Nissen
    Measurements of the quantitative lateral analytical resolution at evaporated aluminium and silver layers with the JEOL JXA-8530F FEG-EPMA
    2018 IOP Conf.Ser.: Mater. Sci. Eng. 304, 012002
  • Madzharova, F.; Heiner, Z.; Simke, J.; Selve, S.; Kneipp, J.
    Gold Nanostructures for Plasmonic Enhandement of Hyper Raman Scattering
    Journal of Physical Chemistry C, (2018), Vol. 122, S. 2931-2940
    J. Phys. Chem. C 2018,  12252931-2940
  • Gili, A.; Schlicker, L.; Bekheet, M.F.; Görke, O.; Penner, S.; Grünbacher, M.; Götsch, Th.; Littlewood, P.; Marks, T.J.; Stair, P.C.; Schomäcker, R.; Doran, A.; Selve, S.; Simon, U.; Gurlo, A.
    Surface Carbon as a Reactive Intermediate in Dry Reforming of Methane to Syngas on a 5% Ni/MnO Catalyst
    American Chemical Society,  (2018), Vol 8 /9), S. 8739-8750
    ACS Catal. 2018,  898739-8750
  • Bayarsaikhan, U.; Filter, J.; Gernert, U.; Jekel, M.; Ruhl, A.S
    Fate of litter deposits and impacts on oxygen availability in bank filtration column studies
    Environmental Research,Vol. 164, Juli 2018, 495-500
  • Özer, E.; Pawolek, Z.; Kühl, S.; Nong, H.N.; Spöri, C.; Selve, S.; Paul, B.; Bernitzky, C.; Strasser, P.
    Metallic Iridium thin films as model catalyst for the electrochemical Oxygen Evolution reaction (OER) - Morphology, Activity and Faraday Efficiency
  • Surfaces, Vol. 1 (2018) S. 151-164
  • Gocyla, M.; Kühl, S.; Shwiro, M.; Heyen, H.; Selve, S.; Dunin-Borkowski, R.E.; Heggen, M.; Strasser, P.
    Shape stability of Octahedral PtNi Nanocatalysts for Electrochemical Oxygen Reduction Readtion Studied by in situ Transmission ELectron Microscopy
    America Chemical Society Nano (2018), Vol. 12, S. 5306-5311
  • G. Franz, V. Khomenko, A. Vishnyevskyy, R. Wirth, U. Struck, J. Nissen, U. Gernert, A. Rocholl
    Biologically mediated crystallization of buddingtonite in the Paleoproterozoic: Organic-igneous interactions from the Volyn Pegmatite, Ukraine
    American Mineralogist, Volume 102, pages: 2119-2135-2017
    DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.2138/am-2017-6055 
  • Al-Hada, M.; Peters, S.; Gregoratti, L.; Amati, M.; Sezen, H.; Selve, S.; Niermann, T.; Berger, D.; Neeb, M.; Eberhardt, W.
    Nanoparticle Formation of deposited Agn-clusters on free-standing graphene
    Surface Science, Vol. 665 (2019), S. 108-113
  • Lichtenstein, D.; Meyer, Th.; Böhmert, L.; Juling, S.; Fahrenson, C.; Selve, S.; thünermann, A.; Meijer, J.; Estrela-Lopis, I.; Braeuning, A.; Lampen, A.
    Dosimetric quantification of Coating-related uptake of silver nanoparticles
    Langmuir, Vol. 33 (2017), S. 13087-13097
    Langmuir 2017,  334513087-13097
  • Juling, S.; Niedzwiecka.A.; Böhmert, L.; Lichtenstein, D.; Selve, S.; Braeuning, A.; Thünemann, A.; Krause, E.; Lampen, A.
    Protein corona Analysis of silver nanoparticles links to theri cellular effects
    Journal of Proteome Research (2017) S. 4020-4034
    J. Proteome Res. 2017,  16114020-4034
  • Martin Rohloff, Björn Anke, Siyuan Zhang, Ulrich Gernert, Christina Scheu, Martin Lerch, Anna Fischer
    Mo-doped BiVo4 thin films - high photoelectrochemical water Splitting Performance achieved by a tailored structure and morphology
    DOI: 10.1039/C7SE00301C
  • Schwarz, D.; Noda, Y.; Schwarzova, K.; Klouda, J.; Simon, F.; Opasenko, M.V.; Cejka, J.; Acharjya, A.; Schmidt, J.; Selve, S.; Thomas, A.; Reiter, V.; Severin, N.; Rabe, J.P.; Ecorchard, P.; He, J.; Polozij, M.; Nachtigall, P.; Bojdys. M.J.
    Twinned growth of a metal-free triazine-based photocatalyst films as mixed-dimensional (2D/3D) van der Waals heterostructures
    Advanced Materials, Vol. 29, (2017)
  • W. Song, C. J. Querebillo, R. Goetz, S. Katz, U. Kuhlmann, U. Gernert, I. M. Weidinger, P. Hildebrandt
    Reversible light-dependent molecular switches on Ag/AgCl nanostructures
    Nanoscale, 01 Jun 2017, DOI: 10.1039/C7NR02760E
  • Fohler, M.; Frömmel, S.; Schneider, M.; Pfau, B.; Günther, C.M.; Hennecke, M.; Gührs. E.; Shemilt, L.; Mishra D.; Berger, D.; Selve, S.; Mitin, D.; Albrecht, M.; Eisebitt, S.
    A general Approach to obtain soft x-ray transparency for thin films grown on bulk substrates
    Review of scientific instruments, Vol. 88, (2017)
  • Soltani, N.; Simon, U.; Bahrami, A.; Wang, X.; Selve, S.; Epping, J.D.; Pech-Canul, M.I.; Bekheet, M.; Gurlo, A.
    Macroporous polymer-derived SiO2/SiOC Monoliths Freeze-cast from polysiloxane and amorphous silica derived from rice husk
    Journal of the European Ceramic Society, (2017), S. 4809-4820
  • Dennis Bernsmeier, Michael Bernicke, Erik Ortel, Arno Bergmann, Andreas Lippitz, Jörg Nissen, Roman Schmack, Peter Strasser, Jörg Polte, Ralph Kraehnert
    Nafion-Free Carbon-Supported Electrocatalysts with Superior Hydrogen Evolution Reaction Performance by Soft Templating
    ChemElectroChem, Vol. 4, Issue 1, January 2017, Pages: 221-229
  • D. Gkogkou, T. Shaykhutdinov, T. W. H. Oates, U. Gernert, B. Schreiber, S. Facsko, P. Hildebrandt, I. M. Weidinger, N. Esser, K. Hinrichs
    Characterization of anisotropically shaped silver nanoparticle arrays via spectroscopic ellipsometry supported by numerical optical modeling
    Applied Surface Science, Oct 2016, DOI: 10.1016/j.apsusc.2016.10.105
  • Bartkowiak, D.; Merk, V.; Reiter-Scherer, V.; Gernert, U.; Rabe, J.P.; Kneipp,J.; Kemnitz,E.
    Porous MgF2-over-gold nanoparticles (MON) as plasmonic substrate for analytical applications
    RSC advanced, 2016, 6, 71557-71566, DOI: 10.1039/C6RA10501G
  • Mathias Procop, Vasile-Dan Hodoroaba, Ralf Terborg, Dirk Berger
    Determination of the Effective Detector Area of an Energy-Dispersive X-Ray Spectrometer at the Scanning Electron Microscope Using Experimental and Theoretical X-Ray Emission Yields
    Micrsocopy and Microanalysis, Vol 22 Issue 6 (2016) 1360-1366
  • Lichtenstein, D.; Ebmeyer, J.; Meyer, Th.; Behr, A.C.; Kästner, C.; Böhmert. L.; Juling, S.; Niemann, B.; Fahrenson, Ch.; Selve, S.; THünemann, A.; Meijer, J.; estrela-Lopis, I.; Braeuning, A.; Lampen, A.
    It takes more than a Coating to get nanoparticles through the intestinal barrier in vitro
    European Journal of pharmaceutics and biopharmaceutics (2016)
  • Erik Ortel, Andreas Hertwig, Dirk Berger, Pasquale Esposito, Andrea M. Rossi, Ralph Kraehnert, Vasile-Dan Hodoroaba
    New Approach on Quantification of Porosity of Thin Films via Electron-Excited X-ray SpectraAnal. Chem., 2016, 88 (14), pp 7083–7090 
  • Juling. S.; Bachler, G.; Lichtenstein, D.; Böhmert, L.; Niedzwiecka, A.; Sieg, H.; Selve, S.; Braeuning, A.; Lampen, A.
    Systemic tissue Distribution of silver nanoparticles in vivo
    Toxicology Letters, Vol. 258 (2016) S. 263-264
  • Juling, S.; Niedzwiecka, A.; Böhmert, L.; Lichtenstein, D.; Sieg, H.; Schümann, M.; Selve, S.; Braeuning, A.; Krause, E.; Lampen, A.
  • Relation of Protein corona and proteomic changes
    Toxicology Letters, Vol. 258 (2016) S. 266
  • Juling, S.; Bachler, G.; von Götz, N.; Lichtenstein, D.; Böhmert, L.; Niedzwiecka, A.; Selve, S.; Braeuning, A.; Lampen, A.
    In vivo Distribution of nanosilver in the rat: The role of Ions and de novo-formed secondary particles
    Food and Chemical Toxicology, Vol. 97 (2016) S. 327-335
  • Sala, E.; Stracke, G.; Selve, S.; Niermann, T.; Lehmann, M.; Schlichting, S.; Nippert, F.; Callsen, G.; Strettmatter, A.; Bimberg, D.
  • Growth and structure of In0.5Ga0.5Sb Quantum dots on GaP (001)
    Apllied Physics Letters, Vol. 109, Issue 10, S. 86-90
  • Rombach, J.; Papadogianni, A.; Mischo, M.; Cimalla, V.; Kriste, L.; Ambacher O.; Berthold, T.; Krischok, S.; Himmerlich, M.; Bierwagen, O.; Selve, S.
    The role of surface electron accumulation and bulk doping for gas-sensing explred with single-crystalline In2O3 thin films
    Sensors & actuators: B. Chemical, Vol. 236 (2016) S. 909-916
  • Berger, Dirk; Nissen, Jörg
    Measurements of the quantitative lateral analytical resolution at sputtered gold-layers with the FEG-EPMA JEOL JXA-8530F
    IOP Conf. Ser.: Mater. Sci. Eng. 109 012001 (2016)
  • Muydinov, R.; Ruske, F.; Neubert, S.; Steigert, A.; Klaus, M.; Selve, S.; Köppel, G.; Szyszka, B.
    Combination of Nitrogen mediated crystallisation with post-Deposition annealing-Towards ultra-thin ZnO:Al contacts
    Thin Sold Films, Vol. 589, (2015), S. 750-754
  • Orman Gref, Moshe Weizman, Holger Rhein, Onno Gabriel, Ulrich Gernert, Rutger Schlatmann, Christian Boit, Felice Friedrich
    Investigation of laser-fired point contacts on KOH structured laser-crystallized silicon by conductive atomic force microscopy
  • Lichtenstein, D.; ebmeyer, J.; Knappe, P.; Juling, S.; Böhmert, L.; Selve, S.; Niemann, B.; Braeuning, A.; Thünemann, A.; Lampen, A.
    The influence of Food components during artificial Digestion on silvernanoparticles and the Impact on their cytotoxicity and uptake in Caca-2 cells
    Toxicology Letters, Vol. 238, Issue 2, (2015) S. 197
  • Juling, S.; Lichtenstein, D.; Böhmert, L.; Niedzwiecka, A.; Selve, S.; Schümann, M.; Thünemann, A.; Braeuning, A.; Krause, E.; Lampen, A.
    Silver nanoparticle, stabilizer and ion influence on the proteome of Caco-2 cells
    Toxicology Letters, Vol. 238, Issue 2, (2015), S.200
  • Gensch, Felix; Gall, Sven; Fahrenson, Christoph; Müller, Sören; Reimers, Walter
  • Characterization of weld seam properties of extruded Magnesium hollow profiles
    J Mater Sci  http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s10853-015-9708-3
  • Gkogkou, Dimitra; Benjamin Schreiber; Timur Shaykhutdinov; Hoang Khoa Ly; Uwe Kuhlmann; Ulrich Gernert; Stefan Facsko; Peter Hildebrandt; Norbert Esser; Karsten Hinrichs; Inez M. Weidinger and Thomas W. H. Oates
    Polarization- and Wavelength-Dependent Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Using Optically Anisotropic Rippled Substrates for Sensing
    january 2016, ACS sensor
  • Lentz, M.; Nissen, J.; Fahrenson, C.; Vogel, S.O.; Reimers, W.
    Macro- und microtexture evolution of an extruded Mg-Mn-Ce alloy during anneling
    Material science and Engineering:A; Volume 655;8.2.2016,pp 17-26
  • A. Azapira, M. Lublow, A. Steigert, P. Bogdanoff, D. Greiner, C. A. Kaufmann, M. Krüger, U. Gernert, R. van de Krol, A. Fischer, T. Schedel-Niedrig
    Efficient and Stable TiO2:Pt–Cu(In,Ga)Se2 Composite Photoelectrodes for Visible Light Driven Hydrogen Evolution
    Advanced Energy Materials, Vol. 5, Issue 12, June 17, 2015, DOI: 10.1002/aenm.201402148
  • M. Säglitz, S. Walther, M.Hartmann and D. Berger
    Metall-Schutzgaslöten von höchstfesten Stählen mit CuSi3-Zusatzwerkstoff
    Praktische Metallographie 47 (2015), pp 95-100
  • Lichtenstein, D.; Ebmeiyer, J.; Knappe, P.; Juling, S.; Böhmert, L.; Selve, S.; Niemann, B.; Braeuning, A. Thünemann, A.; Lampen, A.
    Impact of Food components during in vitro digestion of silver nanoparticles on cellular uptake and cytotoxicity in intestinal cells
    Biol. Chemistry, Vol. 396, Issue 11, (2015), S. 1255-1264
  • Dr.-Ing. M. Hemmleb, Dr.-Ing. D. Berger
    Automated Geometric SEM Calibration
    Imaging&Microscopy GIT Verlag Volume 17, März 2015 1/2015 S. 42-44
  • Daniel Becker, Nina Heidary, Marius Horch, Ulrich Gernert, Ingo Zebger, Johannes Schmidt, Anna Fischer, Arne Thomas
    Microporous polymer network films covalently bound to gold electrodes
    Chemical Communications 02/2015; 51(20). DOI:10.1039/c4cc09637a · 6.83 Impact Factor
  • Reier, T.; Pawolek, Z.; Cherevko. S.; Bruns. M.; Jones, T.; Teschner, D.; Selve, S.; Bergmann, A.; Nong, H.N.; Schlögl. R.; Mayrhofer, K.J.J.; Strasser, P.
    Molecular insight in structure and activity of highly efficient, low-Ir Ir-Ni ocide catalysts for electrochemical water Splitting (OER)
    JACS, (2015), 137 (40), S. 13031-13040
  • D. Berger, E. Uhlmann and I. Dethlefs (2015).
    A Novel Method for Specimen Preparation and Analysis of CVD Diamond Coated Tools Using Focussed Ion Beams (FIB) and Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)
    Metallography, Microstructure, and Analysis February 2015, Volume 4, Issue 1, pp 49-57
    DOI: 10.1007/s13632-014-0184-y
  • Daniel Becker; Nina Heidary; Marius Horch; Ulrich Gernert; Ingo Zebger; Johannes Schmidt; Anna Fischer and Arne Thomas
    Microporous polymer network films covalently bound to gold electrodes
    february 2015; Chem. Commun., 2015, 51, 4283-4286
  • Virginia Merk, Alexander Nerz, Sebastian Fredrich, Ulrich Gernert, Sören Selve, Janina Kneipp
    Optical properties of silver nanocube surfaces obtained by silane immobilization
    01/2015; 1(1):19 - 25. DOI:10.2478/nansp-2014-0003
  • Jacek Kozuch, Natalie Petrusch, Dimitra Gkogkou, Ulrich Gernert, Inez Weidinger
    Calculating Average Surface Enhancement Factors of Randomly Nanostructured Electrodes by a Combination of SERS and Impedance Spectroscopy
    Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 01/2015; 17(33). DOI:10.1039/C4CP05015K · 4.49 Impact Factor
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  • M. Säglitz, D. Berger, U. Gernert, and S. Selve (2014). 
    Microstructural and Nanostructural FE-SEM, TEM, and STEM Investigations of High Strength Boron-Alloyed Steel Used in the Automotive Sector.
  • Practical Metallography: Vol. 51, No. 10, pp. 722-733.
    DOI: 10.3139/147.110205
  • Sevilay Cosgun, Martin Rohloff, Caren Göbel, Ulrich Gernert, Anna Fischer, Martin Lerch
    Synthesis and Crystal Structure of Rutile-type ScTa2O5N
    Journal of Inorganic and General Chemistry
    5 Sep 2014  DOI: 10.1002/zaac.201400325
  • M. Lentz; A. Behringer; C.Fahrenson; I.J. Beyerlein; W.Reimers
    Grain size Effects of Primary, Secondary and tertiary twin development in an Mg-4 wt%Li (-1 wt %Al) Alloys
    Metallurgical and Materials Transaction A, Vol. 45A,October 2014-4737-4738
  • M. Lentz; R.S.Coelho; B.Camin; C.Fahrenson; N.Schaefer; S.Selve; T.Link; I.J: Beyerlein; W.Reimers
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    Materials Science and Engineering:A
    Volume 610, 29 July 2014, Pages 54-64
  • D. Berger; J. Nissen
    Measurement and Monte Carlo simulation of the spatial resolution in element analysis with the FEG-EPMA JEOL JXA-8530F
    IOP Conf. Ser.: Mater.Sco-Eng. 55 012002 (2014)
  • Reier, T.; Teschner, D.; Lunkenbein, T.; Bergmann, A.; Selve, S.; Krähnert, R.; Schlögl, R.; Strasser, P.
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  • Aki Sebastian Ruhl; Gerhard Franz; Ulrich Gernert; Martin Jekel
    Corrosion product and precipitate distribution in two-component Fe(0)
    permeable reactive barriers

    Chemical Engineering Journal 239 (2014) 26–32
  • F.Büttner; M.Schneider; C.M. Günther; C.A.F.Vaz; B.Lägel; D.Berger; S. Selve; M. Kläui; St. Eisebitt
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    Gefügeausbildung beim Widerstandspunktschweißen von Aluminium mit Stahl
    Prakt. Metallographie Sonderband 45(2013) pp189-194
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    Nanoscale, (2012), DOI: 10.1039/c2nr32122
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    Chem. Mater., 2012, 24 (20), pp 3828-3838
  • V. Joseph, C. Engelbrekt, J. Zhang, U. Gernert, J. Ulstrup, J. Kneipp
    Charakterisierung Nanopartikel-katalysierter Reaktionen durch
    oberflächenverstärkte Raman-Streuung

    Angewandte Chemie, V.124, Issue 30, first published online: 18 JUL 2012
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    Aluminium in Lake Cuicocha, Ecuador, an Andean Crater Lake: Filterable, Gelatinous and Microcrystal Al Occurrence
    Aquatic Geochemistry: Volume 17, Issue 2 (2011), pp. 109-127
    DOI: http://www.springerlink.com/openurl.asp?genre=article&id=doi:10.1007/s10498-010-9114-z





2001 - 2010

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